Leading Systems Integrator to Implement Hybrid WANs for A/NZ Businesses

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 18, 2016 – airloom and Viptela today announced a partnership to deploy software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) infrastructure for businesses in Australia and New Zealand. airloom is a leading provider of consulting, systems integration and managed services in the region.


The Viptela SD-WAN platform enables airloom to “mix and match” private and public IP connections such as MPLS, wireless LTE, broadband and Ethernet to meet each customer’s’ specific application requirements based on geographic location, topology, bandwidth and application service availability needs.


The accelerated adoption of cloud applications is forcing IT organisations to rethink every part of their IT delivery strategy and capability. On the branch and WAN side traditional MPLS networks were deployed to connect remote offices to data centre’s hosting enterprise applications. As those applications rapidly transition to the cloud, using an internet-based delivery model, traditional MPLS networks that connect the branch to a data centre with fewer or no applications only to act as a transit point out to the internet.


“The legacy MPLS-based approach to deploying WANs has several significant drawbacks, primarily delivering a poor user experience to cloud applications by forcing traffic through multiple unnecessary hops whilst the cost remains excessively high,” said Malcolm Salameh, CRO of airloom. “airloom sought a better approach to enabling cloud applications for the enterprise and has formed a partnership with Viptela, which provides a technology platform for enabling automated, secure and highly efficient branch to cloud direct access over any IP network. The direct benefits of improved user experience whilst dramatically lowering WAN costs are undeniable to all organisations.”


Viptela’s SD-WAN platform provides airloom the following capabilities for implementing agile, business-class WANs:

  • Centralized management for increased agility: Can deploy changes in service policies in minutes using centralized management and zero-touch capabilities
  • Application performance and service availability: Offers unprecedented visibility into application and infrastructure performance to enable informed decisions on resource utilization and application tuning
  • Strong security: Provides authentication for all devices and encrypts every packet in the network for added protection while supporting network segmentation
  • Service-chaining: Enables add-on L4 – L7 services including WAN optimization, firewalls and data leak prevention


“Using the Viptela platform airloom can provide its customers a secure, flexible and high performance WAN regardless of which transport services are available in a given geography,” said Amir Khan, CEO of Viptela. “By taking advantage of Viptela’s software defined networking capabilities, and airloom’s highly skilled local engineering team customers can tailor their deployments for their unique application and business needs.”


About airloom

airloom is a leading technology services firm that provides consulting, systems integration and managed services. The company builds technology solutions that respond to clients’ needs and deliver measurable business results. With its proven mobility, cloud & data solutions expertise, airloom has helped companies integrate technologies so they can operate more efficiently, communicate more easily and collaborate more effectively.



About Viptela
Viptela provides Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology that virtualizes WAN infrastructure. The platform allows global companies to build unified, policy-controlled and cost-effective WANs. Viptela has been deployed at thousands of sites by more than 25 Fortune-500 enterprises; and major carriers are using Viptela to deliver managed SD-WAN services globally. The company was named a Gartner Cool Vendor and a Next Billion Dollar Startup by Forbes. Viptela is backed by Sequoia Capital and headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit: japanviptela.wpengine.com or follow us on Twitter @viptela.