Senior Platform Engineer: Kernel/Device Driver/ Board Bringup

Viptela is transforming the WAN experience for the Fortune-500 league of companies. We are looking for an experienced Linux-kernel-driver developer to design, architect and implement a range of functions relating to platform bringup, kernel software development and device drivers.

– You are a principal software engineer with 5+ years experience in computer systems, software and architecture
– You possess the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
– You must have at least 3 years of Linux kernel development experience and good understanding of the u-boot boot loader, Linux kernel, Linux device driver internals and Linux user package internals
– You are experienced with board bringup, writing and debugging device drivers
– You are good with writing platform and system software
– Extensive knowledge of kernel and network resource management
– You are an excellent C programmer and possess strong problem solving skills
– You have experience with CPU/Memory Management/IO and Virtualization technologies
– You have a good understanding of the network protocol stack, including L2 switching and IP Routing, TCP/IP
– Prefer strong skills in Python/Perl scripting

Responsibilities and Expertise:
– Linux Kernel and Device Driver development
– Build tool-chains, kernel packages, and platform bringup
– Make modifications to u-boot, Linux kernel and kernel configuration for bringup and testing of the Linux kernel in an embedded environment
– Embedded systems/firmware design, implementation and deployment
– Other areas of development include writing daemons, libraries, automation tools and drivers for network devices